Ethernet module for fast analogue measurements


The PET-7H16M is a fast measurement module with an Ethernet communication interface for connection to a higher-level system via an Ethernet network. It features eight high-speed analog input channels with FIFO memory for 2048 samples. The maximum sampling rate is up to 200 kS/s for each analog input. The resolution of the A/D converter is 16 bits.

In addition to the analog input channels, the module is also equipped with four digital input and four output channels.

For the analog inputs, the input range can be selected. The digital outputs have short circuit and overload protection. The PET-7H16M module is also equipped with 4 kV ESD protection and galvanic isolation of the I/O part of the module up to 2500 VDC.

The PET-7H16M supports several modes of A/D conversion triggering: software, sampling by an external clock signal, and triggering by an external event digital signal (Post-trigger / Pre-trigger). Software A/D conversion triggering is activated by a command from the parent system sent via the Ethernet port. The sampling can then run continuously or for a predetermined number of samples (N sample mode). When sampling with an external clock signal, the A/D sampling rate and number of samples are controlled by an external electrical signal. In event triggered mode via digital signal, the A/D conversion parameters are configured via an Ethernet command for a specified number of samples (N sample mode) and the measurement itself is triggered by an external electrical signal.


  • Fast measurements via Ethernet
  • Utilization in fast measurements of vibrations, deformations, and temperatures
  • Rapid measurements of voltage and current waveforms
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Data Transfer Modes
  • Continuous transfer (Maximum sampling frequency 30 kHz per channel)
  • N sample mode (Maximum sampling frequency 200 kHz per channel)
A/D Conversion Triggering
  • Software-triggered A/D conversion
  • Triggering on external event
  • Triggering with external clock signal
External Event Triggering
  • Pre-Trigger (record a set number of samples)
  • Post-Trigger (record a set number of samples)
Software Support
  • VC, C#, VB.NET API with demo applications
  • LabVIEW Toolkit with demo applications
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Complete information about the PET-7H16M module can be found on its product page.