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About us

About us | ICP DAS

Founded in 1993, Taiwan-based ICP DAS focuses on the innovation and improvement of industrial automation technology, integrating data acquisition, industrial control and industrial communication into one complete system, with embedded control systems becoming the focal point to take the industrial automation industry to the next level. ICP DAS develops advanced remote I/O controllers, distributed I/O modules and sophisticated data acquisition systems.

It offers efficient and comprehensive automation solutions for industrial control, real-time data, industrial warning systems, energy monitoring, etc. ICP DAS has gained worldwide recognition in the field of industrial control and automation. Its most common applications include monitoring of various equipment and machinery in automotive, traffic management, online pollution monitoring, battery charging systems, etc.

ICP DAS offers comprehensive product lines to cover a variety of automation solution needs in different industries.

About us | ELVAC

As ELVAC a.s., a company with over 30 years of experience in implementing complex industrial automation solutions, we are proud of our partnership with ICP DAS, which allows us to offer cutting-edge products for automation, data acquisition and monitoring. ICP DAS products include a wide range of I/O modules, communication converters, programmable logic controllers, industrial computers, and industrial IoT solutions, enabling our customers to efficiently address automation and digitalization challenges. In addition to selling these technologies, we offer expert consulting, technical support and service, ensuring that our customers always get the optimal solution tailored to their specific needs. Our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of industrial processes enable us to provide a comprehensive service, from initial consultation to system implementation and maintenance.