ICP DAS solutions by ELVAC

ICP DAS specializes in a wide range of solutions for industrial applications such as machine automation, intelligent control, energy management and industrial communications. It offers comprehensive solutions based on smart data acquisition, motion control, PAC systems (Programmable Automation Controllers) combining the functions of PC, PLC and intelligent I/O modules, as well as industrial panel PCs, touch screen HMI devices and complete solutions for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

It also offers a wide range of solutions for remote I/O modules supporting a wide range of signals and protocols. In the area of industrial communication, we offer products for interconnection and data exchange between different automation devices, supporting widely used industrial communication protocols and interfaces.

Industrial Internet of Things

Today, the Industrial Internet of Things is increasingly being implemented as part of Industry 4.0 solutions. Its advantages lie in the intelligent management of industry based on the continuous monitoring and evaluation of data from various sensors, etc. ICP-DAS offers a comprehensive solution for IIoT solutions in any industry.

Smart Factory

The industrial environment offers countless challenges for digitalization, which aims primarily at efficient management and automation of production based on correctly interpreted data. ICP-DAS equipment ensures that this data is accurate, consistent and always available.

Smart production

By implementing various ICP-DAS modules for collecting data about the production environment, networking machines and equipment, production processes can be managed with much greater efficiency. This makes it easy to increase production while reducing costs.

Smart transport

Smart ICP-DAS solutions based on proven devices will also find their application in intelligent transport infrastructure. Smart controllers, sensors, etc., will help with fluidity and safety, whether it is land, ship or rail transport.

Energy management

Consistent metering is the basis for effective energy management. ICP-DAS offers sophisticated devices for intelligent metering, data collection and data visualization in the energy sector. Reduce distribution losses and increase the protection of people and property from the negative effects of electricity.

Natural resources

Water management, like oil and mineral extraction, requires system solutions for management and security. The easiest way to do this is to get real-time information to ensure that everything works as it should and any change or sudden situation is immediately averted. This is exactly what implementing ICP-DAS equipment and systems into these operations will allow you to do.