Natural resources

Natural resources

Natural resources

Due to the geographic distribution and natural resource extraction, which is often in extreme environments, it is typical for a mining company to either need to tunnel deep underground or excavate a shallow quarry with complex embankments for mining. When considering offshore wind power, in addition to the cabling that is required to transmit the electricity, ICP DAS has extensive experience in providing communication solutions to collect electrical data as well as monitoring other offshore environments such as solar, wind, hydro, gas or coal plants. The I/O modules, as well as other supporting equipment, are capable of operating in a wide range of specific environments, including communication modules, controllers and sensors. All equipment provided by ICP DAS is always fully capable of meeting the actual needs in the field.

These robust solutions ensure that no matter the complexity of the environment or the complexity of the operation, business owners can rely on ICP DAS products and solutions for data collection, effective monitoring and communication, allowing them to maintain constant visibility and control of their operations.

Správna přírodních zdrojů

Why choose ICP-DAS?

ICP DAS has developed a wide range of sensor modules that include MQTT communication functionality and are capable of measuring various air factors, electrical energy information and temperature in different application environments.

ICP DAS strictly adheres to industry standards when developing equipment that can operate in extreme environments, thus meeting the specific needs of different industries.

It also focuses on feedback from users of these devices in the field and focuses solely on providing products that our customers actually need to help them solve their problems. With this approach, ICP DAS ensures that their solutions are not only technically advanced, but also practically relevant and user-friendly.

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