Smart transport

Smart transport

Smart transport

With our continued commitment to helping businesses grow and meet the ever-increasing challenges in the transportation industry, ICP DAS strives to provide a wide range of robust I/O modules, sensors with communication capabilities, intelligent controllers, etc. At the same time, we integrate our own information, communication, sensor and control technology to effectively integrate into transportation system applications and ensure stability and efficiency in the complex transportation system.

This approach enables ICP DAS to provide solutions that not only improve operational performance and safety within the transport infrastructure, but also promote innovation and sustainable development across the transport sector. ICP DAS products and solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic transportation systems while providing adaptability, reliability and advanced capabilities for future challenges.

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Why choose ICP-DAS?

ICP DAS has deep expertise in many aspects of the Intelligent Transportation field, such as vehicle communications, rail vehicle signal metering (for both rail and metro), E-Gate control at toll plazas, and signal control on highways and viaducts. In addition, ICP DAS is distinguished by the integrity of its product portfolio and has extensive experience in system integration in every single transport sector compared to its competitors.


This wide range of capabilities and experience enables ICP DAS to provide comprehensive and effective solutions for intelligent transport systems that ensure the fluidity, safety and efficiency of transport. The company focuses on providing innovative and reliable products that meet the specific requirements of each project, making it a trusted partner in the intelligent 


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