Smart production

Smart production

Smart production

For ICP-DAS, Industry 4.0 is not just an empty concept, but a goal towards which it is working. Imagine it as a world where data “comes to life”, offering us insights and opening the door to a new era – the AIoT era, where AI and IoT go hand in hand.


ICP DAS offers you the key to this world. With your existing equipment and our know-how, we will guide you through this revolution. From the collection of data with sensors to the analysis and correction of production processes based on this data. We will increase your productivity, quality and yield, while saving you costs. With us, the road to Industry 4.0 is a breeze.

Chytrá výroba ICP DAS

Why choose an ICP DAS solution?

With ICP DAS you get more than just products. We have a complete range of solutions in our pocket, but also experts ready to advise you at any time down to the smallest detail. With us, you’ll encounter professionalism at every step and get access to know-how that you won’t get anywhere else. Thanks to our extensive experience and wide range of products, ICP DAS will open the door to solutions that fit your exact needs. 

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