PAC modular control computer with dual Ethernet interface


The modular control computers WinCon of the 8x4x series are derived from the basic WinCon 8x3x series. In comparison to the basic series, they feature an additional USB port for connecting more peripherals, a second Ethernet interface, and a rotary switch for system and application configuration. PS/2 ports have been omitted from the system.

On the left side of the system, there is a CPU module equipped with a standard 15-pin VGA port for monitor connection, two USB 1.1 ports, and two Ethernet ports (10/100Base T). On the right side, there is a bus for plug-in I/O modules of the ICPDAS series I 8000 and I 87000. Systems with a bus for 3 or 7 modules are available, as well as a system without an expanding bus. Serial ports are located on the side of the system: COM2 with an RS 232 interface and a 9-pin D Sub connector for connecting standard serial devices up to 15m away. COM3 is equipped with an RS-485 interface and a screw terminal block, through which the system can be expanded with plug-in I/O modules in an external serial bus or modules from the distributed I/O series I 7000 and M 7000.

Programmable Automation Controller Systems (PAC)

The abbreviation PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) was introduced by the renowned consulting company ARC (Automation Research Corporation) in defining application requirements for the next generation of traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs). PAC systems combine the functionality of computers and the reliability of PLCs in one device.

Advantages of PLC Systems

The hardware configuration of WinCon systems is based on commonly used components designed for industrial environments, ensuring its availability and reliability. The core of the CPU unit is a RISC CPU running at a frequency of 206MHz together with a sufficiently large SDRAM memory, providing sufficient performance for the operation of the operating system and user applications. The WinCon system supports a complete range of plug-in I/O modules from ICPDAS for parallel and serial buses, and distributed I/O modules with RS-485 interface. These interfaces for connecting the real system include analog and digital inputs/outputs, monitoring and control of drives, communication ports, etc. The WinCon system does not contain any moving components. The operating temperature range is from 25°C to +75°C.

The popular WindowsCE.NET real-time operating system running from internal Flash memory allows the system to minimize the time between power-up and application launch. Placing the system in separate memory is important for repeatable behavior and protection from corruption. In addition to the .NET application platform familiar from desktop PCs, standard PC interfaces for connecting proven and readily available peripherals are typical of the WinCon system. These include VGA displays, USB drives, keyboards and mice, touchscreens, Compact Flash cards, etc. Of course, serial ports are also commonplace, and their use is becoming increasingly widespread in industrial applications.

Using PLC Software

To run PLC applications created according to the IEC 6131 3 standard, the WinCon system comes with installed SoftPLC environment IsaGRAF.

Using PC Software

The WinCon 8x4x series is compatible with the package for application development support WinCon SDK, including OPC server, Modbus libraries, functions for working with plug-in and distributed modules. The operating system also includes internet services for web applications, and SQL CE server for database applications. The application possibilities for WinCon PAC systems are not predetermined. Applications can perform not only control and data processing but also their visualization and communication with superior systems. Commercial development environments Embedded Visual C++, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET, or freely distributable development environments for the .NET Compact Framework platform are available.

Cost-effective HMI Solution

Thanks to the VGA port for monitor connection, WinCon can easily be used as an HMI/SCADA system with effective visualization of the controlled process, including the option of controlling the process via a touch screen. Due to the support of all hardware offered by ICPDAS, the system InduSoft is recommended as the most suitable SCADA software, whose runtime for the Windows CE.NET operating system can be supplied as a pre-installed component of WinCon PAC systems.


Model Number

I/O Expansion Slot

Hardware Specifications

Standard WinCon-8000


0 Slot

Intel Strong ARM CPU, 206MHz
Operation System:Windows CE.NET
SDRAM: 64M bytes
Flash: 32M bytes
EEPROM: 16K bytes
Compact Flash type II insert with ejector
Ethernet Port:
10/100 BaseTx2(RJ45)
COM Port:
9-pin D-Sub (RS-232)2-wire Terminal Block (RS-485)64-bit hardware unique serial number
Reset button
Power LEDs
Watchdog Timer
Real Time Clock
Operating Temp.: 25°C to +75°C
Storage Temp.: 30°C to +85°C
Humidity: 5~95%
Power Supply:
20W, Unregulated +10Vdc to +30Vdc
Dimensions (LxHxD)(mm):
114x110x90(0 slot)
229x110x90(3 slot)
354x110x90(7 slot)


3 Slot



InduSoft WinCon-8000(Target license included)


0 Slot
G: 300 tags
G1: 1500 tags


0 Slot
G: 300 tags
G1: 1500 tags


7 Slot
G: 300 tags
G1: 1500 tags

ISaGRAF WinCon-8000(Target license included)


0 Slot


3 Slot


7 Slot